The clearer the image, the more accurate the diagnosis.

Our Sieman's Somatom AS-128+ CT scanner delivers 4D quality images, faster, and at half the radiation dosage.

SRHC's Adaptive Scan CT scanner is superior imaging technology. It's called 'adaptive scan CT' because its technology is so advanced, it adapts to virtually any patient, with complex to routine health issues and creates and manages a complete patient story.

It generates the most precise images for the most accurate diagnosis. Even better, this new technology adapts to manage the dosage of radiation needed to produce the scan – it uses just half the radiation doses of older equipment.

And it adapts for the shape and measurement of the organ being scanned to provide whole organ coverage. For cardiac scans, it even adapts to the patient's individual cardiac sequence, compensating for the beating of the patient's breathing and heart rate, giving more precise readings.

And it's comfortable for all patients – from small children to the largest adults – and even those who are uncomfortable in closed spaces.

This superior CT scanning technology provides the clear, precise images for accurate diagnosis. Learn more...